2014 Charity Theme

Glory, Glory, Glory! - Give God the Credit He Deserves - Charity Baptist is on a year-long journey to study the Scriptures regarding The Glory of God! - Isaiah 42:8-9

2014 - 40th Anniversary of Charity Baptist Church

In our broken and secular nation we find that many people, things and places receive a lot of credit and focus. Some deserve the credit due to them while others are just glory-hounds who manipulate people into a subtle form of worship. When Herod was called "a god" by the people in Judea & Idumea he made a fatal mistake. He failed to Give God the Credit (Glory) that was due to Him. Join us in our 40th anniversary year as we seek to Give God the Glory!

Each Sunday at 10:45am, Pastor Matt will open the Word of God so that together we may search for the Glory of God!

September 13th-14th Schedule:

Saturday September 13th:
12:30pm - Begin with Worship & Thanks
1:00pm - Lunch & Fellowship - fully catered (RSVP Required)
2:30 - Pastor Ken Rudolph (open with worship songs)
3:30 - Closing Fellowship & Worship (until 4:30)

Sunday September 14th:
9:00 - Breakfast (light) at Church
9:30 - Joint Sunday School - sharing, testimonies, etc
10:45 - AM Service (somewhat normal schedule)

Welcome to Charity Baptist

Welcome to Charity Baptist Church! We are a diverse group of people who have placed our individual and collective trust in Jesus Christ. We love our Savior, Jesus, we love the Divine Truth called the Bible and we love mankind.

 Our goal is to exalt Jesus; to encourage His followers through our local church; to edify (build up) people in the Truth of God’s Word; to express our love for mankind through ministry and service to others; and to evangelize (tell the Good News) about the free gift of eternal life through Jesus to those we meet in this life.



Sun Sep 14 00:42:44 +0000 2014

Today was, spectacular. I realize that earthly reunions among Christ's followers will pale in comparison to our... http://t.co/caJPgHZcbi
Thu Sep 11 01:46:30 +0000 2014

A Few more days and many from Charity's past and present will join together in one place. This is the wonder of... http://t.co/ua9HI4239e
Fri Sep 05 02:00:24 +0000 2014

http://t.co/4CeDe2W96R http://t.co/Q3fM4SDz1R
Fri Sep 05 01:17:55 +0000 2014

Got Money? Good! Give God the Credit! Sunday: Proverbs 3:9-10 Series: 5 Promises from Proverbs 3
Fri Sep 05 00:20:00 +0000 2014

Church Work Day THIS Saturday (the 6th) starting at 8:30am We will begin final preparations and clean-up for our 40th Anniversary Reunion.
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