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Christmas 2011 at Charity

Christmas 2011 at Charity
Nov 2011 - Dec 2011


Join Pastor Matt and the Christ-followers at Charity Baptist as we find CHRIST in the Old Testament...

Sermons in this series

Christmas 2011 at Charity
Sun, Dec 04, 2011

Join Pastor Matt and the Christ Followers as we celebrate Communion Sunday by Studying the Old Testament Passage of Psalm 22. Today we learn that STARING at the Crucified Christ is simply not good enough...

Christmas 2011 at Charity
Sun, Nov 27, 2011

As we begin our Christmas 2011 Season at Charity Baptist, Pastor Matt introduces us to Christ in the Old Testament. For the Next 6 weeks we will see Christ as the perfect and ONLY fulfilment of the Messianic Psalms and prophetic utterances. Today our focus is "Don't Spit on the King" Jesus in Psalm 2 - God Chosen KING...

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