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Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010
Dec 2010

Christmas - A time for Christ-followers to be reminded that God's grand plan of salvation begins with a helpless babe in the manager. God chose to use the humble to overcome sin.... WOW

This year we focused on a 3 week mini series entitled the Power of:

  • The Power of ONE Light in the Darkness - Christ the believers example of witnessing
  • The Power of ONE Voice in the Multitude - From Shepherds and Fishermen to Bold Evangelists...
  • The Power of ONE LOVE - Love is truly the Mark of the Christian - above ALL else - Our Theme for 2011 is "The Power of Charity..."

Sermons in this series

Christmas 2010
Sun, Dec 26, 2010

One LOVE - The Love of the Lord Jesus Christ - Sacrificed for Us. And They will know "us" by our love for each other....

Christmas 2010
Sun, Dec 19, 2010

Today we had the blessing of the Children's Program - Join Pastor Matt and the Christ-followers at Charity as we Learn that one voice in the multitude, when it carries the WORD OF GOD can be a power-house for the Kingdom!

Christmas 2010
Mon, Dec 13, 2010

The Power of ONE Light - First the Light of the World is Christ - We then are to learn from His example to be lights pointing back to Him...

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