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2016 - Something Old Something New

2016 - Something Old Something New
Jul 2016

2016! Wow, can you believe it! This year, Pastor Matt will be Preaching multiple mini-series covering "Something Old - Something New - Striking the Balance" Too many times too much emphasis on one Testatment or the other, or we become way to wrapped up in "issue-based Christianity" rather than a Christo-centric faith. Topics will include How to Deal with Sin (Judges); The Law - Trash it or Keep it?; and Striking the Balance - Learning to become a Christian FIRST.

Sermons in this series

2016 - Something Old Something New
Sun, Jul 03, 2016
Duration:34 mins 45 secs
Pastor Matt takes time to help us understand the difference between patriotism and nationalism and then challenges us with simple lessons on LIBERTY. Message Available at:
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