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Matthew Sine

Matthew Sine
Role: Pastor

Latest sermons by this teacher

Freedom Series - Philippians
Sun, Jan 10, 2010

As we move into Philippians Chapter 3 we find that Paul is serious about JOY. Joy is a primary component in setting the state for personal and corporate worship. Today we will explore how knowing Who God is and What He has done is essential to true spiritual worship.

Communion Services
Sun, Jan 03, 2010

Join Pastor Matt and the Christ-followers at Charity Baptist as we finish our Communion Series on the Four Stages of Prayer

Freedom Series - Philippians
Sun, Dec 27, 2009

When we look to the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Jesus Christ, sometimes we think, hey, I cannot be like that guy who was God! Paul gives us TWO living examples of selfLESSness and teaches us that THEY learned from Christ!

Special Occasions
Thu, Dec 24, 2009
Special Occasions
Sun, Dec 13, 2009
Freedom Series - Philippians
Sun, Nov 29, 2009

Feeling a bit selfish? Probably so if you are a member of the fallen human race! Today we continue our Biblical cleansing of our self-centered lives. Join Pastor Matt and the Christ-followers at Charity Baptist each Sunday at 10:45am!

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