We Love His Word, One Another and Serving.


  • Charity Sunday-40


Charity has re-opened for Sunday only worship services at 10:45am. We will require masks and social distancing through the month of June. We will continue to live-stream our Sunday AM services online, and additionally, Monday with Matt, Wednesday Bible Study and Finishing Well on Friday will be available on our Facebook page at and our Charity Baptist Church - McLean: Click Here for YouTube Page

Service Times:
Bible Study (all ages) - 9:30am
Worship Service - 10:45am
Bible Study & Prayer - 7:00pm


Welcome to Charity Baptist Church! We are a diverse group of people who have placed our individual and collective trust in Jesus Christ. We love our Savior, Jesus, we love the Divine Truth called the Bible and we love mankind.

Our goal is to exalt Jesus; to encourage His followers through our local church; to edify (build up) people in the Truth of God’s Word; to express our love for mankind through ministry and service to others; and to evangelize (tell the Good News) about the free gift of eternal life through Jesus to those we meet in this life.

The Power of Charity

POWER. We love POWER. We love Electrical Power. We Love automotive power, We Love Political Power, We Love Emotional Power, We Love the Power that money provides to provide the things we want to consume.

For the follower of Jesus Christ, POWER comes not through the accumulation of money or the collection of things, places or people for our benefit, but rather it comes through HUMILITY.

Our goal is not to grow to become the largest and most influencial church in Northern Virginia. Our goal is to Love the Lord our God. Our goal is to Love His Holy Word. Our goal is to Love people -- the Saints of God and to express Christ's love for those who do not know Jesus.

Our Power comes through the continual DIMINISHMENT of our concerns and the increase of His concerns.

Join us this Sunday as we Worship and Study together. We are the small church with a BIG LOVE for our Lord Jesus! We are the small church with a BIG DESIRE to learn God's Word! We are the small church with a BIG HEART for people's needs!